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Tell me what you eat
And I will tell you what you are.


Whether we like it or not, we are defined by what we eat. What we choose to eat reveals our heritage, our ethnicity, our religion, our health, our wealth, our hopes and our dreams.

Yet, what we may not notice is how often and intimately food and drink form a vital part of our memories.

Many of us have vivid memories created by what we have eaten in the past – our first chocolate, our first oyster, our first champagne and most likely, our mother’s cooking. Such memories bring back potent sensations and strong emotions which we sometimes try very hard to recreate.

Chef James Won, creator and curator of our new French restaurant, Enfin By James Won, has a poetic interpretation of how such memories are first etched in our minds:

“I am happiest when I can steal a moment from my guests. When they close their eyes for a brief moment to savour a mouthful of what my team and I have created. That moment when they are totally absorbed in our food, experiencing all our ideas transposed onto the plate. I cannot think of any other profession where I could achieve this satisfaction… and steal a moment from a total stranger.”

Let’s embark on our journey of the senses…

From our opulent yet relaxing décor to our bold and vibrant Luzerne tableware; from our expansive yet exquisite garden to our exclusive and private dining rooms; from our comfy old-world sundowners to our hand-rolled Cuban cigars, from our refreshing aperitif to our quirky yet delectable canapés, from our dazzling live Jazz music to our unplugged-one-voice-one-instrument nights, from our esoteric selection of wine and single malt whisky to our glorious lineup of Krug Champagnes and Hennessy Cognacs, from our wholesome artisan bread to our whole array of innovative awarding-winning French cuisine, from our sinfully decadent desserts to our flavourful handcrafted cheese; nothing is left to chance and everything is wholeheartedly and sincerely curated for a special moment for our guests.

We humbly hope that our stolen moments could become your cherished memories.

Bon Appétit!


at enfin by James Won, we ardently adhere to our philosophy . . .

The importance of texture, layer, depth of flavours and harmony of colour.
We emphasize the importance of texture, layer, depth of flavours and harmony of colour on the plate. We seek the fine balance between raw and transformed ingredients. Our ambition is to demonstrate how our curation can utilize the contrast, interplay and juxtaposition of all these elements to elevate your sense of taste, sight and aroma to another level.

Our first choice is always handmade and artisan.
We demand handcrafted products and whenever possible, they are made in our own kitchen.

We passionately spend days making our stocks and broths, the essence of all good kitchens. Our whipped potatoes are already very tasty but we painstakingly dehydrate them further to turn them into our trademark potato chips that are robust in flavour but yet light and crispy in texture.

We take our Vegetarian cuisines very seriously.
We devote the same amount of attention and passion into our vegetarian curations in both our lunch and degustation menus. We are quietly confident that even meat lovers will be more than pleasantly surprised.

We support local fresh produce and healthier choices.
Locally sourced and grown is our priority for freshness and whenever possible, we use local fresh produce and organic ingredients. For seafood, we always choose wild-caught or line-caught fishes. No artificial colours and flavours are used.

We care about our environment.
We advocate using sustainable ingredients and produce. For our delectable seafood curation, we only take sustainable ocean harvest and gems. Sorry, no shark’s fins and foie gras and you won’t miss them.

We support Drinking Responsibly.
We support responsible consumption of wines and spirits.
After all, we are all connoisseurs and gourmets with a gentle disposition, right?

Last and the opposite of least, we care about our society.
We remember that there are still a lot of less fortunate ones that simply cannot afford to eat to live. We support charities and good causes wholeheartedly.

Enfin by James Won is a proud supporter of Kechara Soup Kitchen founded by H. E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche.

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Lot2.05, Level 2, Menara Hap Seng 1
Jalan P.Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

[email protected]

+60 10 288 7920


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