Bar Enfin

Sundowner—an eloquent term that encapsulates the serene ritual of sipping an alcoholic drink at sunset. At Bar Enfin, we transcend this tradition, offering more than just a libation; we present an experience of understated elegance that unfolds as the sun dips below the horizon.


Sundowner is an alcoholic drink taken at sunset.

At Bar Enfin, we offer you much more than just an alcoholic drink.

At sunset, our lunch deco is transformed to our lounge deco for our sundowner and night service. Our bar is a splendidly stunning white marble counter accentuated with atmospheric designer lighting, creating an old-world yet modern ambience (“Humphrey Bogart meets Shanghai”) that is both relaxing and invigorating.

Our guests could unwind themselves at our beautifully appointed al fresco raised wood deck seating in our expansive garden lined with groomed mature trees. Our dinner guests are hosted at Bar Enfin upon their arrival by our award-winning Sommelier team before they are shown their tables in the main dining room.

We have a whole array of craft cocktails, beer, fine wines, rare single malt whiskies and a stellar list of Cognacs and Champagnes. Whether you are craving for a traditional cocktail or something exceptional to pamper yourself, our team of mixologists will find a way to lift your spirits. Light and delectable canapés and selected savory items from our lunch menu are also available.

For those who enjoy a cigar after dinner, our al fresco seating area is the perfect place for some private indulgence.

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