Interior Design

Embarking on a journey to redefine the essence of dining, our vision for a ‘new look’ restaurant came to life through the expertise of our award-winning design team. Entrusted with the task of harmonizing with Chef James Won’s aesthetics and culinary style, our objective was clear: to champion bespoke dining experiences and showcase the artistry embedded in our carefully curated offerings.


Our brief to our appointed award-winning design team was to design a ‘new look’ restaurant to complement Chef James Won’s aesthetics and style, while championing the bespoke dining experience and artistry of our curation.

We conceived a darkly dramatic and moody atmosphere that would serve act as the backdrop to the unique dining experience that we are offering. We used a lot of fine luxurious dark wood panelling as our foundation and opulent white marble for accentuation. We opted for a sumptuous yet cosy ambience using minimal colours.

Lighting is a crucial element in our overall design and unifies the different zones of our restaurant. All lighting is soft and subdued, nothing is harsh.

In our main dining room, all tables have a minimalist yet stylish light fixture, creating a wonderful soft glow, which is meant not to distract but to highlight our curations, magically transforming each and every one them into a mini stage.

During daytime, guests at our al fresco dining area and our main dining room have a lovely view of our exquisite and expansive garden. In the evening, our stunningly lit white marble bar becomes the main focal point and counterpoint to the warmly glowed main dining room.

Both of our magnificent private dining rooms, Hennessy Salon and Krug Room, feature distinctive art deco fine wood display cabinets and dramatic surreal lighting to enhance our collection of rare Hennessy Congac and precious Krug Champagne, breathing new life and a bit of theatre into the private dining experience.

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