Artisan Bread

Welcome to Enfin by James Won, where culinary artistry and the joy of shared experiences converge. In the heart of our gastronomic haven, we invite you to embark on a journey that begins with the sacred tradition of bread—a cornerstone of French culinary heritage.


deliciously rewarding

In France, bread is sacred.

At Enfin by James Won, we take our bread very seriously. So serious that we only serve our own artisan bread made from our own in-house levains, natural ingredients and baked by our own team of bakers.

Classics such as baguettes, burger buns, pain de campagne and pain de mie are regularly available. Other types of special artisan bread may also be made from time to time to complement our curations.

Our artisan bread consists of four elements: flour (mainly T-65 imported from France), water, our own natural fresh yeast and salt. Depending on the type of bread that we are making, different types of grains, such as buckwheat, Einkorn, emmer, Kamut, oats, quinoa, rye and spelt are used due to their distinctive flavour, aroma as well as their nutritious value.

The beauty of our artisan bread comes from its rustic look, complex yet subtle flavour, and hearty texture. Equally as pleasing to the taste is the chew and aroma that come from the dark, thin crust, which is usually slightly, beautifully burnt. Unlike mass-produced commercial bread which has a uniform spongy weave crumb, the crumb of our artisan bread is often marked with air bubbles and irregular holes that further enhance its taste and texture.

Bread is like wine or cheese. Just as you might pair wine with food you can do the same with the variety of artisan bread available. A baguette is perfect with butter or dips; a rustic, hearty country sourdough loaf makes a great sandwich with meat and a fig and walnut loaf is simply wonderful for blue cheese.

Not only will your effort be educational but also deliciously rewarding.

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