Fine China

Enfin by James Won takes great care in selecting fine china to complement its curated dining experiences. Partnering with Luzerne, renowned for crafting fine ceramic and stone tableware, the restaurant showcases collections like Marble, Rustic, Tate, and Urban. Luzerne’s Halal-certified fine bone china, free of animal bone ash, features a distinctive reactive glaze, ensuring each piece is unique with slight color variations. The craftsmanship ensures that no two pieces are alike, contributing to an impeccable presentation. All fine tableware at Enfin by James Won is exclusively designed and made by Luzerne, supplied through a partnership with Landex in Malaysia. This collaboration reflects a shared passion for culinary aesthetics and a commitment to perfection in both dining and presentation.


no two pieces are alike

Like great actors, our curations need a stage to shine.

At Enfin by James Won, we are very specific about our choice of fine china.

For each of our curation, we need distinctive fine china to convey a specific mood and an appealing setting to uplift our guests’ bespoke dining experience.

Chef James Won and Luzerne, creators of fine ceramic and stone tableware for the world’s leading hotels and restaurants, share the same passion for perfection in culinary aesthetics. This is evident in our choice of Marble, Rustic, Tate and Urban from Luzerne’s available extensive range of collections to showcase our curations.

Luzerne’ fine bone china is certified Halah because it has the distinction of being the first to perfect traditional bone china without the use of animal bone ash. Our chosen Luzerne fine china has a distinctive reactive glaze. Each piece has a slight variation in colour and a special coloured finishes for a highly unusual and visually arresting effect.

As a result, no two pieces are alike as each is individually and immaculately crafted for our impeccable presentation.

All the fine tableware used in Enfin by James Won is designed and made by Luzerne; and supplied exclusively by Landex in Malaysia.

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