Nightly Entertainment

At Enfin by James Won, the nightly entertainment is an integral part of the “Journey of Senses” offered to guests. The restaurant prioritizes a personalized and heart-touching musical experience to complement its bespoke dining. Live one-instrument jazz on weekdays and unplugged-one-voice-one-instrument performances on weekends feature renowned professionals and emerging talents, creating a vibrant and heartfelt musical program. Enfin aims to leave guests entertained, touched, and amazed. Additionally, the annual “Gala with the Star” event features an international artist performing alongside Chef James Won, offering a delightful fusion of music and culinary artistry. Stay tuned for more details on this exceptional occasion as Enfin continues to elevate the dining experience through the harmonious integration of music and gastronomy.


directly to your heart

At Enfin by James Won, our nightly entertainment is a vital part of the Journey of Senses that we are offering to our guests.

For the bespoke dining experience that we are curating, we believe the music that we offer should also be personal – music that speaks directly to your heart. That is why are devoting a lot of time and effort to bring you music that is special – live one-instrument jazz music on weekday evenings and unplugged-one-voice-one-instrument nights during the weekends.

Featuring a lineup of renowned professional musicians and emerging talents, our vibrant nightly music program is served up with verve and a lot of heart. Our hope is to leave you entertained, touched and amazed.

A special event, Gala with the Star, will be held annually. An international artist will host and perform with Chef James Won, enchanting our guests with wonderful music and culinary artistry.

Do stay tune for more details.

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